Saturday, July 22, 2017

Shop closing....

Hello SBS Friends!
Today a big change has been made. As of August 15th, 2017 our store site:  will no longer be active. We are moving to Etsy! YAY please "favorite" us here: SimplyBStamps Etsy Shop. A Grand Re-Opening will be scheduled for August 18th. 
What does this mean for your accounts? They will be removed, not just your accounts, but the store site and it's features like the storing of your digital files all together. 
Please make sure that you have downloaded ALL your files immediately. Once this shop is closed I will not be able to resend anything under any circumstances. Your accounts as well as mine (meaning the SBS shop will no longer exist). 
I will not send more reminders of this, it is posted in our Facebook group, this page, it will be posted on our blog, and I have also sent out this mass email to all in the store database that have an account at the moment through that site email features. I am under no contract to keep track of your purchases, this was something provided by the online shop/hosting site/instant download server and it will no longer be available. 
Once the change is made to Etsy, you will be able to see your purchases there and download from there as well. It is my understanding that they do not expire, therefore it too keeps your digital files stored for you. 
In the meantime, please check out the HUGE storewide sales in the shop now, once the shop closes, all images in the shop will not be moved to Etsy therefore not be available unless added to the Etsy shop in a future, but it is not guaranteed. We are charged per listing, therefore it is not feasible to move all images into Etsy.
Thank you and see you all at the new Grand Re-Opening

    Betty Boo