Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday SALES!!!

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

I bet you're all stuffed to the gills like I am!  We had a grand old day!  Hubby was home, my sister visiting, my oldest kiddies were missing due to work, but that is life and it is important that they stick to their jobs which both are very thankful for. 

Alright, alright enough with the babbling!

Everything in store is on sale from $1-$3!! 
All weekend long more OLDER digis that have been retired will be added on to the site (retired images are not new releases and they do NOT qualify for any NEW  any 50 choices in 2015 packages, yearly subscriptions for 2015 nor are they part of any Out of the Vault package, the Out of the Vault package had exactly what you will receive in that package listed).
After this big sale, and before the end of the year ALL digis from 2010-2014 will be put into retired status for a while.  When and if they will come back is unknown.  I need to revamp the site and will be deciding what stays and what goes through 2016. 

Now for the big one!  Last year I started a subscription package.  You would get anything that releases in a full year; January through December for one price!  It was successful, so successful that subscribers have already signed up for 2016. 

I am going to offer just 6 more subscriptions!  
That's right just 6 more subscriptions are available for 2016.
You will receive upon release and within 24-48 hours the following digis:
Normal Releases; Judes, Teens, Bettys, Misc. releases 
(any normal release that are not from out of the bault, retired images for a limited run, fundraisers fundraisers, and exclusives.  This is for everything NEW under the following categories:
Fan Page Images
Tuesday Solos
Birthday Girls
This package is available here: SBS 2016 Subscription 

Next up:
Our awesome Creepmas Teens only $1.75 each!

Next deal:
Any 50 Digis in 2016 for $95 wow that is .52 CENTS a piece vs. $4 each when released!  Buy ahead and save!  You may choose ANY 50 of from the following categories: 
Fan Page Images
Tuesday Solos
Birthday Girls
50 States Girls
Normal Releases
during 2016, only new images released under those categories during 2016.  This means only new images, nothing from 2010-2015 can be selected as part of a choose for your any 50 for 2016 package.  Out of the Vault, Retired digis for a limited run, Fundraisers and Exclusives
do NOT qualify.  ALL 50 images must be selected Jan - Dec. 2016 and all must be new images released during 2016.
Grab your package here: Any 50 for $95

2 Fan Page images each month your choice during 2016.  
That's 24 Fan Page images in a year for  $40 ($96 Value)! Once the Fan Page images go up, you may choose any 2 and they will be sent out to you through the store site. All must be new for 2016
Grab your package here: 2 Fan Page Images a month

Any 5 digis a month in 2016!  Same as with the fan page images, each month you will be able to choose any 5 digis that release (Fundraisers, Exclusives, Retired images, or Out of the Vault images do not qualify) during 2016 per month.
Grab your package here: 5 Digis A Month

WOW lots of fun deals!  Each one has limited quantities grab your favorite before they are gone!!

Happy Black Friday SHOPPING!  Don't forget to check back during the entire weekend for added retired digis that will also be put up for sale!

Please spread the word on all these awesome sales!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pre-Black Friday sales #3

One more day till GOBBLE!!

WOW this week has flown!! I am preparing our dinner, getting our cheesecakes ready and just chit chatting away with my sister YAY!

Today I have some fun Fundraiser digis that were available back during Spring and Summer!

These are not NEW fundraisers but being brought back out for all the new found SBS fans!

ALL are on sale for $3 each!!

Just awesome digis that you can use for so many occasions!!
OH MY 51 images!!
Check them all out here: Fundraiser Digis for $3 each


Grab all for a whooping $85 when you buy the entire bundle!
 PLEASE give this file some time to download it's MEGA!
Sale Price good through Nov. 26th at 9 PM PST or until sold out only 6 available!!!

Please remember fundraiser digis are not part of any subscriptions, any 50 choices, and these do are not included in the Fundraisers package that will apply to fundraisers from October 2015 thru June 2016 as they are NOT new fundraisers. 

See you all on Friday for the big Black Friday Sales!! WHOHOO!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Solo and Pre-Black Friday sale #2!

Getting closer to Gobble, Gobble!!

I have a CA-YUTIE pie for our Tuesday Solo today!
It's Black Friday Betty! WHOOHOO!
What's a crafter without a shopping gal image right?  
TWO versions, don't you just love the SBS options?!!

Find her here: Black Friday Betty
She's just $2 for tonight's Pre-Black Friday sale!!!
(All Tuesday Solo/Yearly subscribers please allow for 24 hours for delivery of your Black Friday Betty)

Matter of fact ALL Tuesday solos are $2!!
AAAAAANNND....All Solos are just $2
Grab your favorites!  Sale price good until November 25th at 9 PM PST!!!

Also, yesterday's awesome set is still available and still on sale,
tonight they are available for $2.00 each!! ON sale for $2 each until Nov. 25th at 9 PM PST

Find them here: Exclusives; Swan Ballerinas
Swan Ballerinas are Exclusive digis and are not part of any subscriptions, any 50 digis packages or previous deals. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Count down to BLACK FRIDAY SALES!!!

Happy Monday!  
Today is the start of our four days of Pre-Black Friday sales!!

WHOOHOO each day until Black Friday I will be here with some fun deals and mega wheels!  Wait, what?  LOL Wheels and deals!  There we go!

SO today I have an awesome and EXCLUSIVE set!  This set will ONLY be AVAILABLE until Thursday night at 9 PM PST!!  HOWEVER they are all 6 available for ONLY $1 each until tomorrow November 24th at 9 PM PST!!  WOW grab them before they are back to normal price of $4 each and before they are gone!!

You can find them here: Exclusives; Swan Ballerinas
Exclusive digis are not part of any subscriptions, any 50 digis packages or previous deals. 

See you all tomorrow with the next Pre-sale deal!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Two Special Sets from Out of the Vault!

Happy Sunday peeps!

Can you all believe it's almost Thanksgiving, after that Christmas will be here in no time!

Today I have two FUN sets from Out of the Vault (does not qualify for any subscriptions, these are not new images and cannot be chosen as any NEW for 2015 packages nor 2015 yearly subscription package)!!

First up we have Jude Nativity!! Just in time for those special Christmas cards!

My next set is totally Betty!  I mean, what's a Betty Christmas without a little ZOMBIE factor!

Christmas Zombies for those quirky souls like MOI!

You can find both sets here: Out of the Vault
They are limited time release and will be gone before you know it!  Grab them now before they are gone! Grab them as bundled sets for a big discount!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

$2 TWO-uesday!

It's Tuesday! WHOOP I do not have a Tuesday Solo for you today, that will be next week, BUT I have a $2 TWO-uesday...see what I did there?  HA! 

From here until the end of the year I am going to put out a few $2 images that have been retired but will be coming out of the Vault for the Holidays!  They will be random, they will be singles but they will be fun!!!

Todays' TWO-uesday $2 image is this cutie originally released in 2013.  I think, it was a few years ago! LOL From Rachel Sharp for SBS of course. 

Her name is Betty Misteltoe Rag Doll just click the name and WHOOSH you are taken to the store site where she can be found under the Limited Run Retired Images

Her's a fun part about this, you get this COLORED version with your download when you purchase her!  WHOOP!  Just for color reference and to help you along with your coloring if needed. All digi rules to apply to the colored version as well ;) 

Hurry up and get her, she's only $2 for 24 hours, tomorrow at 4 PM PST she goes back to normal price.  Dec. 31st she is gone for good!  Grab her before it's too late!!

Remember she is a retired image, therefore she is NOT a new release and is not be part of the Everything SBS in 2015 subscription.  She is also not listed as part of the Out of the Vault package, please refer to the store site under Out of the Vault for a list of what you will receive in your Out of the Vault package everything remains listed.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

I hear little footsteps....

Yep it's almost that time of the year again...CHRISTMAS!!  WHOOHOO, I mean it's NO Halloween, but it will do ;)!

Hot cocoa, hiding gifts, shopping, hot cocoa, wrapping gifts, trimming the tree, hot cocoa...ya see a pattern here?  LOL 

BUT what is a Christmas without Elves right?  I have some CAY-UTIE elves ready to help you get those cards started!  Maybe some fun Christmas tags?  OR maybe a fun label for your HOT COCOA cup!  WHOOHOO!!

Santa's Little Elf Betty

Hot Cocoa Elf Rio

Sleigh Ride Elf Keri

Workshop Elf Angela

Figgy Pudding Elf Gigi

Aren't those fun!??

Won't you please check out the DT projects done up with these cuties!

I will be having another FUN coloring days tonight Saturday Nov. 14th and tomorrow Sunday Nov. 15th with these cuties!!

Here are the times and images I will be using:

Figgy Pudding Elf Gigi Saturday Nov. 14th @ 8PM PST

Workshop Elf Angela Sunday Nov. 15th @ 11AM PST

Hot Cocoa Elf Rio Sunday Nov. 15th @ 2PM PST

Sleigh Ride Elf Keri Sunday Nov. 15th @ 6PM PST

Santa's Elf Betty Sunday Nov. 15th @ 8PM PST

You can watch Live on my Ustream channel here: 

You can find the digis here: 

Now BEFORE you go, I have a little PRE-Black Friday deal for you!

This will be the BEST deal for the rest of the year! 

November has a HUGE release; 
Christmas Elves 5 (three with more than one version)
6 Tuesday Solos ( 4 have been released; Ugly Christmas Sweater Betty, Ursula Betty, Gothic Elf, Harvest Betty, Black Friday Betty)
12 Commissions
4 Fan Page images (could be more)
4 50 States Girls
Jude Nativity 7 Images (out of the Vault)
Christmas Zombies (out of the Vault)
 Teen Fall Breeze Chris (out of the Vault)
Teen Pumpkin Patch Betty (out of the Vault)
 Betty Mistle Toe Rag Doll  (out of the Vault)
WOW that is a LOT of images!!

Grab it in a HUGE November package for only $35 here: November Pack SBS
THERE ARE ONLY 10 available grab yours before they sell out!!!!

Happy Shopping and Happy Saturday see you all in an hour for some live coloring fun!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Tuesday and Happy Birthday to ME!

WHOOP WHOOP today is my Birthday, I am a YOUNG 41 today!  I am having a great day so far and more fun to come with my family as they are taking me out to my favorite place for dinner, then letting me pick out some new eyeshadows at the Urban Decay counter at Sephora!  WHOOOP I NEED a make up Girl Betty!

For today tho, I have a Tuesday solo...omgosh ON TUESDAY for once!  LOL I am behind a few solos, but from when I fell behind to today there would be 10, I've released 2; Ursula Betty and Harvest Betty this past weekend, and today I have this one making it 3 down 7 more to go for the rest of the Tuesday solos for 2015!  WHOOP!

SO today's Tuesday Solo comes with a little contest!  

So what's the challenge?  SUPER fun and easy!  Create the BEST UGLY Christmas sweater on her!  See how it's plain?  You have to make it your own design!  Just think of all those funny and ugly Christmas sweaters out there!  Think of all the fun!!

SO what's the prize?  It's AWESOME!

This weekend we are going to release this set...YUP just sneak peeks! HA!

That's 5 AWESOME images!!!! That you could WIN!  One winner will be chosen for the BEST Ugly Christmas Sweater design!  

You would have until Friday at 6pm PST to submit your projects onto our Facebook fan page here: 

The winner will be announced upon release of these awesome images on 
Saturday Nov. 14th at 6 pm PST