Friday, April 22, 2016

$1 Digi sale

Huge STOREWIDE SALE!! $1 digis!! Friday through Sunday!! (2016 Tuesday solos $2.00)



Sunday, April 3, 2016

WOW Prom time!!

It's just about that time when we all start thinking of Summer, and end of school year, and Spring Break...and PROM! OMGOSH this year it's right at home for me!  

My beautiful Daughter is a Senior, she's graduating early in just two more weeks!!!  BUT she will have to wait for all the events on their due dates!

The first event she's looking at is PROM! OMGOSH talk about momma's nerves being shot!! She's got her date, now for the ensemble, the tickets, and well everything that goes with it! GOODNESS!!!

I have created FOUR fun images as fundraisers for her (cause she begged me and begged me) to help her get all those little things together! 

First we have...Prom Rio image, I drew the dress to be fairly close to what she wants her prom dress to be, and Rio being Rio, is agains heels so CHUCKS it is!  We will buy some chucks and BLING them out!! WHOOP!

Next we have Prom Queen Rio, the normal version!  Isn't she just gorgeous!?

OF COURSE it wouldn't be RIO or BETTY if we didn't have a ZOMBIE version!  My Rio would LOVE a ZOMBIE themed Prom, but it's more customary to do the more traditional, that's ok, she can be Zombie Prom Queen Rio forever since I have immortalized her here in DIGI!

Finally, the BIG DAY Graduate Rio!!  13 years of academics and at least 6 more to go if not more! She's chosen to become an RN and from there she will pay her own way to Cinema Make Up school...she feels she MUST have a contingency plan as she sees how much artists (of any medium and area) can struggle while they make their mark!!

Thank you all for stopping by and please spread the word on these fun little Senior Year images!  Next time it will be all about college!! WHOOP!!

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