Monday, August 31, 2015

Fan Page Challenge time!! WHOOP!

OH EM GEE!!!  It's the end of August, that means tomorrow is September, which means just one more month till OCTOBER!!!  YEAH!!!

Ok, ok well today is the NEW Fan Page Challenge time!!

I have got some CUTIE PIES for you to work with!

Check out all these their little Eras!!

Are they not the coolest!!?  

Don't forget to join in on the monthly challenge!  You could win the entire new NEXT set or be featured as a digi in the next set!!

Join in on the fun here: Simply B Stamps Fan Group

This set is available here: Eras Chicks

and we have an AWESOME Deal going on with the Fan Page Challenge images check out that deal here: 5 months of Fan Page Images

Monday, August 24, 2015


While there are loads of awesome sites out there with great deals and great offers, some of us little shops are slowly dying.  The little shops are usually run by at home mommies trying to continue their passion for Paper crafting and being able to stay at home!

My shop is a little shop!  I wold like to continue on to be your paper pusher!  HA!

Today I have an awesome line added to the store shop.  Just a few items but they are AWESOME!!

Grab your paper goods today and get into the SPIRIT!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tuesday solos on Wednesday

Sorry for the delay, I was pre-occupied yesterday!

Here are two Tuesday Solos!

One sweet, happy and magical image... Books are Magical Rio

the next one, not so sweet but still pretty cool!!?  This one was inspired by an event that my sister and I are planning on doing this Fall...ZOMBIE Run!  That's us!  Ready to go as Thriller Zombies, we've been practicing our THRILLER dance! LOL  I did a normal non Zombie version, and one Zombie version as it's what we will probably feel like after the run!! Can't wait, it's gonna be fun!!

Grab yours here: Tuesday Solos 2015

Monday, August 17, 2015

SBS Monthly Kit!

Hello and Happy Monday!

It is a Happy Monday, I will tell you why!

Do you enjoy kits?  Having most of the work done for you?  Something fun to follow to create an awesome project?  Everything bundled up for you in one BANG!?

Great!  I have the perfect Kit for you!  This is the start of a full year of SBS kits!
Each kit will have a different project each month, with video tutorials on fun techniques!

Check out Augusts first kit it's loads of fun!!

Get everything you see here and more!

Front of 8x8 Match Box Album with mini accordion album inside.

close up of the details on the front of the box album

album box opened

First page of the album, which shows through the front.  Video will include instructions on how to make the fun fabric flower you see pictured on the bottom right hand corner.

First double page layout 

2nd double page layout

3rd double page layout

and the back page of the mini accordion album

Bonus Card that you will be able to make with the kit. 

2 trial sized tubes of Diamond glaze and instructions will be included so that you can create "epoxy" like embellishments like you see below.  
Here is the diamond glaze applied.

Once the Diamond Glaze is dry, you have a nice shiny epoxy like embellishment.

All kits come in the "raw" this means nothing but the punches, dies, and ribbons are cut for you. Everything else, like the album, papers and card stock will not be pre cut.

Grab yours here: SBS August Kit  

Friday, August 14, 2015

New release and some sales!!

Happy Happy Friday ladies and gents!
I have a fun new release, continuing on with the 50 States Girls!  

NOW let's see what we have today!!

OHIO State!  WHOOP let's give a cheer!

Ohio State Cheerleader

Amy Arkansas

Maine Mermaid

Finally but not least, Miss Florida
I had two sentiments in mind with this one, so had to do them both!

Pretty fun huh?
Grab yours here: 50 States Girls Set 3 
I am going to have a little COLORING contest with these cuties!  ALL 4!  Color them up, upload them to Mr. Linky and you could be my 50 States Girls Coloring STAR!  This means, should you win, you will get the rest of the 50 states girls, which means the next 38 State Girls FREE!  With this win, you must be able to color up all 4 State Girls before their release.  You will receive them one week before their release, sometimes two days before!  On release day, your colored images will be featured, they will also be on the site in the catalog!

Remember you MUST summit a colored version of all 4 State girls that have released here today...that's Main, Florida, Arkansas, and Ohio!  Grab yours today and submit your entries!!

I did mention a sale right?

OK well then...let's get to it...


NOW there is a restriction on this sale, this excludes (means they are not eligible) the following: 
Dorian Grey
Mr. Poe
Dr. Jekyll

Spider Teen Tina
All of the Mistresses of the Dark images:
Betty the Book Witch
Betty Mistress of Dark
Betty Vacuum Witch
Betty Dead Mans Toe
Betty Addams and Abby
Mrs Betty Munster
Emo Witch Betty
Rag Doll Sally 

This means if you place the code in your box, and try to check out, your digis will not go through and you will not get to pick anymore to make up for those you have put in your cart that do NOT QUALIFY AS STATED ABOVE.  SORRY it is plain and clear!  You will only get digis that are eligible for that sale.  Which means they must be valued at $4 and non of the above mentioned.

To take advantage on any other digis in stock that are not restricted for the sale use code:
You can get more than one package of 10 for $12, you just need to do separate orders and apply the coupon each time.

ALSO back in stock 50 states Girls Package!  

All 50 states girls for one awesome price!  
50 states girls release month to bi-monthly 4 states at a time!
Don't miss out on this awesome deal!!
All 50 states girls will NOT be covered in any yearly subscriptions or any 50 choices as those programs end in 2015 and again not all will be out during 2015.    

Next sale!!

Out of the Vault Progam, this is for anything that comes out of the Vault and re-released in the Out of the Vault section!

So far included in this package that have been re-released into the Out of the Vault category:  

 6 Images Emo School kids 3/17
12 Images Steampunk Teens and Steampunk DT bundled set 3/16
8 Images Dragon Pet Teens 4/10
 8 Images Cave Teens 5/17
9 Images Hollywood Teens released 6/26
8 Images Beach Teens 6/26
6 Images Jude Little Heroes 8/12

Still to come:
6 Images Jude Playtime
6 Images Jude just for fun
6 Images Jude Everyday
6 Images Jude Space
6 Images Jude Christmas
6 Images Jude Nativity
8 Images Teen Christmas 2012
8 Images Teen Creepmas
6 Images Emo Valentines
6 Images Christmas Zombies

Thats 121 images @$4 each which is a total of $484 for only $65 that's a HUGE bargain!!
Hurry only 10 left!!!
Just click:

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Solos are back!

Welcome back to Tuesday solos!

Let's see, the last one was May 29th, the one before was Never Give Up Nadine, which were both in May, so I am just two months behind, and on the current mont!  SO today, next Tuesday and the one after that I will have two Tuesday solos to catch up and get current with this month! YAY!!

First up we have Straight Jacket Betty!  Ya ever feel this way on Mondays, then even more nutty by the time Friday comes along?  I sure do!

Next up a quick lithe random Vampire just relaxing after a long night of frolic!

Bubbling Vampire!

Grab yours here: Tuesday Solos

See ya next Tuesday for two more!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Something New but WICKED this way has come!

I have finally taken the plunge and tried out my first MALE drawings.  I have done a few males and have never been happy with them.  They scare me, give me fits, and it just makes me feel that they are just not right!

Well, I told myself, STOP IT!  You must try, you are you and you can do this!

SOOO I did!  

Check out SBS first Halloween Dark and Dreary Males!!

First we have Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (one of my favorite stories)

Next up another FAVORITE tale... The Portrait of Dorian Grey

Next up who doesn't love a demented Barber right?  Sweeny Todd!

Finally this is my absolute FAVORITE I grew up reading his books and poetry over and over and over and over again! 
Edgar Allan Poe
I made this book mark for my little girl (17 year old, but still my little girl)!  On her last year of High School and she loves Poe as much as I do!

I hope you like these new Males, and I will be adding more into the mix later on during the year and from here on out.  I am getting comfortable with drawing them so I have faith!  lol

You can grab these fun images here: Dark and Dreary Males  

Thank you for stopping by and Happy coloring!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

91 Days till HALLOWEEN!!!

WOW can you all believe we are at 91 days till Halloween?  

Many of you know how much I just LOVE Halloween! Well I got a crazy idea to have a count down when it would be just 100 days till Halloween, and so I did!  BUT it is not just some ordinary Halloween Count Down, this one is coming with a challenge a day for all 100 days! 

I started this on my fan page found here: SBS Fan Group

Today marks day 91 (we are counting backwards) and Challenge #10 WHOOP!

With this big 1-0 I have an EXCLUSIVE digi!

Betty THEE Queen of Halloween Portrait! With 4 different versions,  a flower cluster and a frame!

This exclusive to the 100 Days of Halloween image can be found here:
Betty Thee Queen of Halloween

She is not part of any subscriptions, she cannot be chosen as an image choice for any 50 for the year or any other programs.

She is also available for Pre-order in RUBBER! Shipping August 25th and found here:

There is also an awesome package that is close to being sold out for a bundle of these Exclusive's for the 100 Days of Halloween found here:
TOTALLY WORTH the BUCK for what's coming as exclusives!  Just think there are still 90 days (after today) to go and while there will not be a NEW exclusive image each day, there will be plenty hear and there during the rest of the 90 days!

I hope you will join us over on the fan page for the Spooky fun still loads to come!!