Thursday, October 6, 2016

InkTober is on!!!

Many artists participate in this each year. This is my first year and I am going to do the whole month!  I am so super excited because it has really brought me out of my box...  Check it out!!

Inktober was started by artist Jake Parker, he creates a prompt list for all 31 days, and the idea is to create a drawing a day in ink using his prompts!  I have been having such a fun time so far!

Here are the first six!!

Day #1 The prompt was fast, and in ink of I did this in about 15 minutes.  I WILL be perfecting her drawing wise, and inking wise.  All drawings will be Photoshop inked and perfected before I send them out.

 Day #2 The Prompt was Noisy...pans can be totally noisy, and well this is me when I am gathering the troops for dinner time every night!!

 Day #3 the prompt was Collection...she's collecting her seashells for her Collection!

Day #4 the prompt was Hungry...she is definitely HUNRGY!

Day #5 the prompt was Sad....dropping one's Ice Cream is VERY sad!

 Day # 6 the prompt was Hidden...this little cutie is hidden amongst those apples!  Those apples are going to be super fun to color!!

Of course I will be inking all these as I go along and as I can while still inking and getting my October releases ready. 

I have a fun DEAL for this bundle!!  
Sale price of $35 October 6th-October 15th (ends on the 15th at 9:30 PM EST) for the bundle of all 31 Images
New Sale price of $45 October 16th-Ocotber 25th (ends on the 25th at 9:30 PM EST)
Final Sale price of $75 October 26th-Ocotber 31st (ends on the 31st at 9:30 PM EST)

These images will NOT be released as I normally release images, therefore they are NOT part of any subscriptions (lifers, 2016, half the year, end of year, or 2017 subscriptions), not part of any 50 (or any denominations) choices in 2016.  They are much more than exclusives as they will NOT, I repeat NOT be sold individually or at all as a later release during any times on the store site. You will only be able to grab them in the bundle during the month of October and once all inked they will NOT be released in the store. I know, I keep repeating myself, just want to make sure that it is understood and I am clear so that I don't have anyone confused. 

Of course there is another deal which gives you more for the BUCK here: The Rest of SBS for 2016!! which INCLUDES INKTOBER until October 7th, after that the price will remain at $55 until 9:30 PM PST, however it will no longer include Inktober!!!

EACH DIGI WILL BE PERFECTED, especially the 1st one. 
You can follow along with me everyday as I complete the prompts by sketching in ink, but again you will receive the more perfected INKED version I do with my photoshop program.

Grab yours NOW, here: InkTOBER!!

Cannot be applied to any past offers, cannot be used with any other discounts! Cannot be applied to any past purchases. 


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