Wednesday, October 19, 2016

13 Days of Halloween!!!

Hello-ween everyone!!!

It's finally time for our Annual 13 days of Halloween!! WHOOOHOOO!!! Or should that be BOOOOOHOOO?  

Today is day 1!  WHOOP so let's get this started and going...

On the first day of Halloween my Ghoul love gave to me...
A Black Cat in a Spooky Tree!!

For today's challenge I have made it super simple for you!

Include in your projects A cat and a spooky tree! That's it!  Yes you must have a full project and you must use an SBS image and guess what, I am going to make it super easy for you to pick one!!

This cutie pie is just $1.00!! Use her in your projects and you are halfway through the challenge!! Find her here: Meowie London

Now with the 13 days of Halloween I always have a prize and some guidelines, so let's check them out...

Today's prize: $10 Gift Certificate to SBS!!  There must be at least 4 participants for a win. Not bad eh?

Winner will be chosen Nov. 5th and announced Nov. 10th!

You have from today October 19th, 2016 @ 2PM PST until October 31st 11:55 PM PST to upload your projects to Mr. Linky!

NOW THERE'S A BONUS!!  Participate in all 13 challenges for a chance to win the
Princess of Halloween Crown!
What does this mean?  FUN!  That is what it means!  You will be our
Princess of Halloween 2016-2017
This means that anything Halloween related we do during your reign you will be a part of!  You will receive the images (yep any Halloween images I produce and put out in 2017). Participate in Halloweenish events during 2017...Hallowtine (that's Valentine for mere mortals), Summerween, and of course next year's 13 days of Halloween, and any other fun stuff I may do Halloween related...yes there will be more!
To win this, you must participate in all 13 challenges, there must be at least 6 participants in the run for the 2016 Princess of Halloween. You must display this badge on your blog or your Facebook page if you do not have a blog.

Simply click and drag to your desktop so you can add it to your blogs on the sidebars where all your other badges may be displayed.

Well, that's all for today folks!
Happy Haunting!  See you tomorrow for day 2!!

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