Saturday, October 14, 2017

13 Days of Halloween!!

Welcome to the 13 days of Color-WEEN!

I am challenging you to color along with me for 13 days!

Each day I will pick a new image and a new color combo, won't you join me?

Today I have chosen Black as a Bat! One of my favorite Black color combos.

This cute image along with 12 other NEW images  can be found here: October 2017
They will be retired as of Nov. 30th. 

Each day I will be choosing a new FUN color combo and put it up here for the 13 days of Halloween. Not all day will be back to back but the Color-WEEN challenge will end on October 31st. 

This was yesterday's challenge, I sadly forgot to post it, BUT that just means there are TWO for today yay!!  So see you all back here later today for day 2!

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