Sunday, January 8, 2017

A whole year of A drawing a day!

Happy New Year!

We are already at day 8 of 2017!!  

This is exciting to me as I have started my A Drawing a Day program for ALL of 2017!!

WOW can you imagine, aside from small mini releases with Teens, Judes, and some other stuff I have up my sleeve, an extra 365 images?!  Well it will be much more than 365 of course!!
Here are my first 8 that I have been putting up on a daily basis completed, and a few offers!!

Day 1: January

Day 2: February

Day 3: March

Day 4: April 

Day 5: May 

Day 6: June

Day 7: July

Day 8: August

You can find they all here along with a few great sales!

Click the link: January 2017 Bundles

Of course if you'd like a whole year of SBS you can find that bundle here: ONLY 5 more left!!

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