Sunday, December 4, 2016

SBS 358 Copic Booklet!

Happy SUNDAY!!

I am so excited to be here with you all today!  I have been working on this project for over a year now, and I had not even decided if I wanted to go through with it.  
There are so many wonderful colorists and teachers out there, I thought eh mine is just too simple and  I am not really teaching.  WELL THAT'S THE DIFFERENCE THEN RIGHT?!

This little booklet will take you on a journey to help you use ALL 358 colors!!  It will be an ongoing project/package as I work all the color families in those 358 Copic Markers: BV, V, B, BG, G, C, N, T, W, YG, YR, Y, R, RV, and E...ALL color families all 358 Copic Markers will be used. Each color family will have multiple color combinations.  

With each color combo I create, an exclusive digi to that color combo will also be created to practice that color combo on. Not only will you get the color combo, but a digi AND a worksheet!!  The worksheet will have the color combo key up top, along with additional color boxes to fill in so that you can add other colors/combos you have used with that image along with the "star" color combo of that worksheet!  SUPER FUN!!

BUT WAIT there is more...each worksheet will include a VIDEO tutorial of how I have colored that image using the color combo I am working with!! IS THAT NOT COOL!!! The best part?  The videos are sent via email for you to download instantly at your convenience! 

So, let's think about this...5 images on their own to use on other projects (Angel Policies apply), 5 video Tutorials, and 5 worksheets each with a color combo, practice area and the image to color.  Imagine, you will have a nice big booklet full of many color combos, concentrating on all 358 Copics!!  Each Color Family will be a volume, therefore I am kicking it off with the BVs!!!  That's my first Volume and it is READY!!!!

Grab yours here:  BVs Color Combos (PLEASE READ PRODUCT DESCRIPTION)
ONLY $15 Intrductory price but it won't last!! The Intro Price of $15 will be over Monday night at 6 PM PST!!  Grab yours before the sale ends!!!

See you all January 25th for the next Volume the Vs!!!

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