Tuesday, September 13, 2016

10 Digis for $25!!

Happy September!!

It's my fourth month of a Drawing a Day!! WHOOP!!

The fun has begun, and I have 10 ready (2 more are sketched and will be revealed over the weekend with the rest of this week's daily sketches)!!

Are these not fun!  This month I am not concentrating on anything specific, just trying out my hand on some animals, maybe some backgrounds, or just head shots.  I am just going to let the pencil lead me and see what develops!

Today I have an awesome deal with these 10 FUN new images!! 

$25 for all 10 images!!
GRAB your bundle here: September A Drawing A Day Bundle 1

Of course you can grab just a few individually here (but you won't get a better deal than 10 for $25 on these, just saying'):

See ya soon with another 10 images for September!

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