Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The first 2016 SBS Image...Tuesday Solo!

HAPPY TUESDAY! WHOOP WHOOP It's Tuesday Solo time and FIRST Image of 2016!! YAY
Today I have a CAYUTIE pie TWICE...one for my quirky darker peeps one for my more normal cutesy only peeps! 
Valentine Heart Rio and Valentine Zombie Rio!

You can pick up these two cuties here: http://simplybstamps.net/category_512/Tuesday-Solos-2016.htm
Isn't she a cutie, anyway you SLICE her? No Pun intended on the Zombie version 
(hahaha I crack myself up!) 
Check out the cute projects by the DT! AND I managed to color them both whoop! Coloring one day at a time, then BOOM crafting AND coloring all in one (one day, this year, pretty sure, almost positive)!!

If you have the 2016 Subscription, please allow for 24 hours of delivery of both images. If you have a ANY 50 IMAGES NEW IN 2016 these do qualify as choices, and they do count as 2 if you should pick both as they are sold individually. 
**Please remember that if you purchased a any 50 digis in 2015 deal this no longer applies to 2016 images, I know I should like a broken record, but I have had people asking already if they can choose from new ones releasing this year, no I am sorry it was for 2015 thank you for understanding ♥**
I hope you like our first image of the year...our next release is Saturday and it's AWESOME!! WHOOHOO see you then!

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