Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday SALES!!!

Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

I bet you're all stuffed to the gills like I am!  We had a grand old day!  Hubby was home, my sister visiting, my oldest kiddies were missing due to work, but that is life and it is important that they stick to their jobs which both are very thankful for. 

Alright, alright enough with the babbling!

Everything in store is on sale from $1-$3!! 
All weekend long more OLDER digis that have been retired will be added on to the site (retired images are not new releases and they do NOT qualify for any NEW  any 50 choices in 2015 packages, yearly subscriptions for 2015 nor are they part of any Out of the Vault package, the Out of the Vault package had exactly what you will receive in that package listed).
After this big sale, and before the end of the year ALL digis from 2010-2014 will be put into retired status for a while.  When and if they will come back is unknown.  I need to revamp the site and will be deciding what stays and what goes through 2016. 

Now for the big one!  Last year I started a subscription package.  You would get anything that releases in a full year; January through December for one price!  It was successful, so successful that subscribers have already signed up for 2016. 

I am going to offer just 6 more subscriptions!  
That's right just 6 more subscriptions are available for 2016.
You will receive upon release and within 24-48 hours the following digis:
Normal Releases; Judes, Teens, Bettys, Misc. releases 
(any normal release that are not from out of the bault, retired images for a limited run, fundraisers fundraisers, and exclusives.  This is for everything NEW under the following categories:
Fan Page Images
Tuesday Solos
Birthday Girls
This package is available here: SBS 2016 Subscription 

Next up:
Our awesome Creepmas Teens only $1.75 each!

Next deal:
Any 50 Digis in 2016 for $95 wow that is .52 CENTS a piece vs. $4 each when released!  Buy ahead and save!  You may choose ANY 50 of from the following categories: 
Fan Page Images
Tuesday Solos
Birthday Girls
50 States Girls
Normal Releases
during 2016, only new images released under those categories during 2016.  This means only new images, nothing from 2010-2015 can be selected as part of a choose for your any 50 for 2016 package.  Out of the Vault, Retired digis for a limited run, Fundraisers and Exclusives
do NOT qualify.  ALL 50 images must be selected Jan - Dec. 2016 and all must be new images released during 2016.
Grab your package here: Any 50 for $95

2 Fan Page images each month your choice during 2016.  
That's 24 Fan Page images in a year for  $40 ($96 Value)! Once the Fan Page images go up, you may choose any 2 and they will be sent out to you through the store site. All must be new for 2016
Grab your package here: 2 Fan Page Images a month

Any 5 digis a month in 2016!  Same as with the fan page images, each month you will be able to choose any 5 digis that release (Fundraisers, Exclusives, Retired images, or Out of the Vault images do not qualify) during 2016 per month.
Grab your package here: 5 Digis A Month

WOW lots of fun deals!  Each one has limited quantities grab your favorite before they are gone!!

Happy Black Friday SHOPPING!  Don't forget to check back during the entire weekend for added retired digis that will also be put up for sale!

Please spread the word on all these awesome sales!


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