Saturday, September 5, 2015

A sister company...

Happy Happy Saturday everyone!  

I have some very exciting news for you all today.

A few months ago I was chosen as the artist for a new little company!

I will be an artist for this amazing lady Angela Yearous!  She's such a sweet person, has awesome crafting skills and has become a great friend! 

She is just starting out but has some SUPER DUPER awesome goodies in her shop!

This cute new line of Halloween cuties drawn by me can only be found at her store, as she has commissioned me commercially to draw up a line for her each month for the next year. You can only find these in her store as they are my drawings but HER images to sell at

Please followe her here:

and Here:

Grab your  Halloween 2015 Cuties and get to coloring!

I wish you only the very best Angela and look forward to drawing the next month's line!

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