Saturday, August 1, 2015

91 Days till HALLOWEEN!!!

WOW can you all believe we are at 91 days till Halloween?  

Many of you know how much I just LOVE Halloween! Well I got a crazy idea to have a count down when it would be just 100 days till Halloween, and so I did!  BUT it is not just some ordinary Halloween Count Down, this one is coming with a challenge a day for all 100 days! 

I started this on my fan page found here: SBS Fan Group

Today marks day 91 (we are counting backwards) and Challenge #10 WHOOP!

With this big 1-0 I have an EXCLUSIVE digi!

Betty THEE Queen of Halloween Portrait! With 4 different versions,  a flower cluster and a frame!

This exclusive to the 100 Days of Halloween image can be found here:
Betty Thee Queen of Halloween

She is not part of any subscriptions, she cannot be chosen as an image choice for any 50 for the year or any other programs.

She is also available for Pre-order in RUBBER! Shipping August 25th and found here:

There is also an awesome package that is close to being sold out for a bundle of these Exclusive's for the 100 Days of Halloween found here:
TOTALLY WORTH the BUCK for what's coming as exclusives!  Just think there are still 90 days (after today) to go and while there will not be a NEW exclusive image each day, there will be plenty hear and there during the rest of the 90 days!

I hope you will join us over on the fan page for the Spooky fun still loads to come!!

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